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What is Classical Pilates?

The Classical Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in 1920 aiming to strengthen the mind and body by working them simultaneously, creating a strong core and lean muscle. Classical Pilates training adheres to Joseph Pilates original intentions so that each unique exercise is taught with a dynamic rhythm focused on the entire body, mind and spirit, making it a holistic practice.

Why Classic Pilates Studio?

The Classic Pilates Studio was founded in 2021 on the Gold Coast to deliver the ORIGINAL and PURE CLASSICAL PILATES METHOD especially for you. That's right! The original one from Joseph Pilates.​

The owner and instructor Rafael has a physiotherapy background and is a certified classical Pilates instructor for over 10 years. His goal is to bring the best techniques for you to learn how to control your body and core and that you are pleased by the end of every workout.

Pilates is challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding when your effort pays off and you feel healthy and stronger.

Is Pilates for me?

Pilates is for everyone — every age, shape, and fitness level. Pilates improves sports performance, addresses injuries, improves memory, flexibility, and much more. During a session, you are working to engage all muscles all the time instead of individual body parts.

Our goal is to ensure you develop an extensive awareness of your body working out through your mind. 

We offer a variety of approaches to achieve and improve your performance and wellbeing, such as private and duo classes throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule.

Your mental and physical health is our top priority.

Contact us for more information and bookings so we can help you make the most out of your time.


"You are only as young as your spine is flexible"

Joseph Pilates


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Private Session 
0 Pack - $600 ($60 /class)
5 Pack - $325 ($65 /class)
Single Class - $70 /class

Duo Class
10 Pack - $450 p.p ($45 per person/class)
5 Pack - $235 p.p ($47 per person/class)
Single Class - $50 (per person/class)


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